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Aquametro VZO Screwed Oil Flow Meters 1/2" - 1" BSP

The Aquametro VZO (Male Thread Union Connections [In-Line]) screwed oil flow meters provide an accurate, reliable and economical way of obtaining all the information a user needs to control oil usage and energy costs. The oil flow meters handle a wide range of viscosity's for a variety of applications including checking and totalising fuel for burners, furnaces and diesel engines recording draw off from storage tanks and recording general usage.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Accuracy of ±1% of reading with a repeatability of ±2%
  • Durable tamper resistant construction
  • Optional pulse output facility
  • All suitable for light and medium grade heating oil and diesel oil. ¾"-2" for heavy grade oil
  • Maximum temperature 60°C to ¼" 130°C to 2" horizontal and vertical pipes.

Pressure & Temperature
Pressure Range:
Fig VZO up to 16 Bar

Temperature Range:
Fig VZO up to 130°C

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