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Spiral Max Boiler Door Joints

Spiral-Max door joints are used for boiler handhole & manhole covers and incorporate a unique 304 stainless steel spiral wound profile & a specially manufactured graphite filler.

The combination of these is ideal for corrosive, high-pressure or high-temperature duties.

Spiral-Max gaskets have the ability to recover under the action of fluctuating loads caused by process fluid pressure and temperature changes, flange face temperature variations, flange rotation, bolt stress relaxation and creep.

The gasket-sealing element consists of a pre-formed metallic winding strip with layers of a softer, more compressible sealing material which, during compression, is densified and flows to fill imperfections in the flange surfaces when the gasket is seated. The metal strip holds the filler giving the gasket mechanical resistance and resilience.

  • Maximum Pressure: 1000PSI
  • Maximum Temperature: 650°C


  • High safety factors related to specific operating conditions
  • Compression loads proportional to safe stresses of cover assemblies
  • Resilient under concentrated and fluctuating loads
  • Prolonged trouble-free service
  • Reduced seat cleaning time

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