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CoilPro High Flow Coil Cleaners

Thick evaporator and condenser coils have always been a challenge to clean. Either there’s too much pressure that damages coils and fins or too little water volume that can’t get through the thick coils. The new CoilPro CC-400HF is the answer to those situations. It combines the best of both worlds. 400 PSI cleaning power with patented tip technology is safe on coil fins, while the 3 GPM+ flow rate powers through even the thickest, dirtiest coils.

The CoilPro CC-400HF operates on AC power and connects to a 3/4” water line for continuous operation. It offers special siphon technology to draw from CoilShine, Goodway’s expanding foam detergent, or other non acidic cleaners, laying on a thick layer of foam and then using the CC-400HF patented technology to blast dirt, grime and biological matter from coils quickly. Includes our sectional 3-piece wand. This allows you to get behind coils and spray with a 90 degree nozzle attachment.


  • Ideal for coil cleaning of thick HVAC and refrigeration coils
  • 400 PSI
  • 3 GPM+
  • Portable Rugged Design
  • Integrated Siphon – Inject “CoilShine” or other coil cleaner
  • 18” stainless steel wand – Allows for use in tight locations
  • 40” Sectional Wand – Clean hard to reach coils
  • Two custom nozzles – Matches any application


  • Motor Power : 1 HP
  • Input Power : 15 amps, 115 V, 50 / 60 Hz AC
  • Input Water Pressure : Min at 3 GPM 20 PSI
  • Output Water Pressure : 400 PSI at 3.0 GPM
  • Pump : Axial
  • Dimensions : 13” high x 30” wide x 12” deep
  • Weight : 45 lbs net dry

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