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Irrigation Water Meters

For Farming & Agriculture

Provide a controlled method of maintaining crops and land

The WI irrigation meter is a specialised water meter for wastewater – it has been designed to accurately monitor and control the amount passing through the meter, even when the liquid is not 100% clear or even when it contains particles. It is the superior choice for applications that include water supplies drawn from a river, stream, or lake as well as purified outlets of sewage treatment installations.

Why is irrigation important for farming?

Using an irrigation meter for farming Improves crop growth and quality. It allows farmers to grow their crops on a sustained basis and provides a continuous food supply

The WI Irrigation Water Meters from Apator PoWogaz are designed for installations where the water passing through is not 100% clean. With a stronger internal mechanism to resist the effects of sediment and particles, the WI Meter will record the volume that has passed. The WI range is available in sizes 50-200mm with PN16 Flanged connection.

The Meters themselves are rated for operating temperatures up to 50°C and working pressures up to 16 Bar. Common uses for this range include water supplies drawn from a river, stream or lake as well as purified outlets of sewage treatment installations. The WI is the superior choice over the MWN series of Meters as it's designed to handle dirty fluids that would otherwise compromise the turbine impeller of a standard Meter.

A Volt Free Pulsed Output is available for all models within the range with a minimum output ratio of K=100L. A 1.5 metre flylead is supplied with all pulsed models for connecting this output to a BMS System or local data logging facility.


- WI, WI-NK -01, -02. -03, -04

Characteristic Features:
  • Possibility of mounting on horizontal, vertical and inclined pipelines
  • WI - version without transmitter
  • WI-NK - Version with Reed relay impulse transmitter
  • Counter of roller-pointer type housed in airtight casing
  • Drive transfer on to the counter through a magnetic clutch
  • Measuring inserts identical for all sizes, which facilitates repairs and storage of parts
  • Inserts are removable without dismantling water meters bodies from pipelines
  • Counter protected by a padlocked cover
  • Version equipped with a Reed contact available
  • Communication Outputs - Pulsed
  • Connection Size - 50-200mm
  • Connection Type - Flanged Connection
  • Temperature - Cold
  • Nominal Diameter - DN 40, 50, 65, 80, 100, 125, 150, 200, 250
Available in the following versions
  • 01 - Metal Casings
  • 02 - Plastic Casings
  • 03 - Plastic Casings, rotary counter
  • 03 - Plastic Casings, rotary counter IP68

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