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Lift & Lay Valves

The ZVTVB / ZTRB valves are used to control heating and cooling in climate, heating and ventilation systems. The RVAZ4 is an actuator that will service the ZTV / AZTR and ZTRB / ZTRB range of valves.

All valves come complete with a plug and play power solution and 24 AC (on/off) versions are available upon request. The body and plug are brass, the spindle is stainless steel and the O-Ring is EPDM. Valves have a linear flow characteristic.

The RVAZ4 has been designed to be easy mounting to the ZVT/ AZTR, ZTBVB / ZTRB range of valves. They have incorporated a clear position indicator which shows the position of the actuator via a 0 – 100% scale mounted on the knob.


  • PN Rating: PN16
  • Media Temperature: 1–110°C
  • Media: Water Refrigerant (30% Glycol Max)
  • Manual Override Functionality
  • Torque Rating: 400nm
  • Stroke Length: 5.5mm
ZTVB / ZTRB Lift & Lay Valves



Valve Actuator

The RVAZ4 is a range of valve actuators for control of zone valves in the ZTV / ZTR, ZTVB / ZTRB range. Force 400 N.

All the valve actuators in the RVAZ4 range can be used together with valves in the ZTV/ZTR, ZTVB/ZTRB range. They are easy to mount and have a clear position indication which shows the position of the actuator. The actuator has manual manoeuvring.

Position Indication

The actuator position is shown by a 0–100 % scale indicator on the knob for manual manoeuvring.

Manual Manoeuvring

The spindle position can, after cutting the supply voltage, easily be manually adjusted without using any tools. Simply press down the disengagement button and turn the knob until reaching the desired position.

Technical Data

  • Supply Voltage 240 AC ± 15%
  • Control Signal 0–10DV DC
  • Stroke Time 30s
  • Power Consumption 6 VA

High Functional Reliability

The actuator is short-circuit proof and protected against polarity reversal when connected.

Simple Installation on the Valve

The actuator is mounted on the valve using the connection nut, manual power is sufficient.

It should be mounted so that the drive rod is within 85° from the vertical line and the motor housing is on top.



2 & 3 Way Control Valves, DN25–DN40

  • For water and refrigerants (max. 30% glycol)
  • Fluid Temperature
  • Pressure Class PN16
  • Rangeability 50:1
  • For differential pressure up to 250 kPa
  • No leakage when valve is closed

The valves in the range ZTVB / ZTRB are used to control heating and cooling in climate, heating and ventilation systems. They are intended to be used together with the RVAZ4 actuators.

The control valves in the ZTVB/ZTRB range are available as 2- and 3-way versions. Body and plug in brass, spindle in stainless steel and O-ring made of EPDM. The valves have linear flow characteristics.



Typical Application

The valves are used to control hot and cold water in heating, ventilation and climate systems. They can also control refrigerants in for example liquid recovery systems.


The 2-way valve is closed when the spindle is in its highest position and completely open when the spindle is in its lowest position.

The 3-way valve is closed between port A and port AB

(The ports opposite to one another) when the spindle is in its highest position. In this position, the valve is also open between the bottom port B and the common supply port AB. When the spindle is in its lowest position, the 3-way valve is completely open between port A and port AB and consequently closed between the bottom port B and the common port AB.

Technical Data

  • Pressure Class PN16 (1.6 Mpa)
  • Connection Internal Pipe Thread
  • Flow Characteristics Linear
  • Rangeability 50:1
  • Stroke 5mm
  • Leakage Control 0% when the valve is closed
  • Media Hot or Cold water. Also refrigerant (max. 30% glycol)
  • Fluid Temperature 1...110°C


  • Body Brass
  • Spindle Stainless Steel
  • Plug Brass
  • Seat Brass
  • Packing Box Brass with O-Rings made of EPDM
* The max. Temperature is 140°C for the valves and 110°C for the RVAZ4 Actuators

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