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Style 2 Valve Wheel Keys

A range of New Style forged steel valve wheel keys are now available to purchase. This new style features a soft grip handle, powder coated matt black finish and a hole situated at the end of the Wheel Key to allow for storage hanging or to attach a lanyard.

Also known as Wheel Dogs, Wheel Wrenches or Wheel Spanners they allow you to apply a far greater amount of torque to a valve wheel than would be possible than using your hands alone. Hooking over the rim of the Valve Wheel with a support for the underside allows a secure grip that allows force to be applied safely and effectively.

Operating using the principle of Mechanical Advantage the Wheel Key will amplify the amount of force you put in relative to the distance from the Pivot.

This allows even seized, corroded or over tightened Wheel valves to be turned with a minimum of effort.

A simple low cost piece of equipment the valve wheel key is ideal for use in multiple environments and have been used for many years in Oil Refineries, Power Stations, Water Boards and Chemical Companies.


4 Products

16" - 20" Style 2 Long Reach Forged Valve Wheel Key

Excl. VAT: £56.44

Incl. VAT: £67.73

2"-7" Style 2 Forged Valve Wheel Key

Excl. VAT: £22.30

Incl. VAT: £26.76

8"-15" Style 2 Forged Valve Wheel Key

Excl. VAT: £33.82

Incl. VAT: £40.58

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