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HZD 750S Hazardous Boiler Cleaning Vacuum



Performance Data

Suction: 2400mm

Airflow: 80 litres/sec

Hose Dia: 38mm

Capacity: 35 litres (dry)

Weights & Dimensions

Weight: 21.21Kg (vac)

Weight: 3.08Kg (kit)

Size: 860x480x400mm

The HZD 750 “S” has double the power with increased performance. The practical design makes the task of cleaning quick and easy, while retaining some outstanding features and is especially suited for boiler cleaning applications. The all metal head assembly incorporates a cable winding facility that doubles up as a carrying handle for ease of transportation. Power is provided by two “Twinflo” direct airflow motors giving unrivalled performance and reliability. The “H” type filtration provided by the HZD 750 “S” gives an almost absolute filtration level of 99.997% and has been designed exclusively for the removal of dusts that could constitute a health risk. Two carrying handles have been fitted to the drum assembly for ease of transportation. A wooden base has also been fitted to the bottom of the drum to prevent damage during transit.

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