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WV 570SC Engineering Swarf/Coolant Utility Vacuum



The “Sc” range of vacuums are recognised today as the most suitable vacuum for use in an engineering workshop, with over 19 years of satisfaction the WV 570 Sc sets the standard with professional users. The vacuum is constructed using a material called “Structofoam” which embodies an unrivalled strength often found in heaver more unsuitable materials giving us a lightweight product, something all too important in today’s working environment.

The ergonomically designed “Structofoam” power head is fitted with a by-pass motor as standard, delivering smooth and efficient output with increased airflow and suction using “TwinFlo” motor technology. The vacuum is fitted with secondary filtration as standard to help prevent the problems caused by oil mist, this works alongside the zinc plated metal float assembly providing the perfect solution for the engineering environment.


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