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UV1A Fireye Photocell 6ft Lead

UV1A Fireye Photocell 6ft Lead
Product Code FIR25-050-6FT

UV1A Fireye Photocell Flame Scanner (6ft) is recommended for detecting flames from standard fuel, some waste gas and light oil fuels.

The UV Scanner can be used to detect flames from heavier oils; but the unburned fuel shroud and/or atomisation shroud can block the passage of the UV from the flame zone to the UV tube which can result in burner and/or burner trips.

Infrared detection is recommended for fuel oil that is heavier than No. 2 and some installations where waste gases are burned together with natural gas as a main flame.

  • Specifications
  • Operating Voltage : (S1-S2): 560 VAC @ 120V (230V) 50/60 Hz applied
  • Operating Temperature Limits : Maximum: 200°F (94°C)
    Minimum: -40°F (-40°C)
  • Humidity : 85% RH maximum non-condensing

Product Code: FIR25-050-6FT

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