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Tundish in Soft Copper

Tundishes are used to slowdown or collect water from drains on Boiler Water Level Controls and Level Gauges before running to a Blowdown Vessel.

Used as a hopper to slow down water being filled by an outlet pipe.

This is often provided for intermittent overflows, or where an air gap is required to avoid possible back contamination of water.

A Tundish can be used as a reservoir thus acting as a buffer of hot water as well as smoothing flow.

Made of good quality soft copper with a row lip and a plain smooth outlet pipe.

Tundish in a Typical Heat Recovery System


TUN-C15 15 24 74 100
TUN-C22 22 20 85 124
TUN-C28 28 24 91 153
TUN-C35 35 36 121 146
TUN-C42 42 36 116 145
TUN-C54 54 35 101 148

All sizes in millimetres


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