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RAK Universal Thermostat

RAK Universal Thermostat is ideal for controlling and monitoring the temperature of liquids in baths, containers, pipes and ducts. Because of its modular design and universal housing, the thermostat is very versatile.

It can be used as:

  • A Stem-type thermostat with protective tube (pocket)
  • A clamp on thermostat on pipes
  • A thermostat with remote sensor
  • A double thermostat

Universal housing made of plastic can be fitted in various ways:

  • A snap on lid with window
  • Sealable internal setpoint adjuster
  • Thermostat module with single pole change over contacts (TB has normally-closed contacts)
  • Capillary Tube (that can be uncoiled according to needs, depending on the fitting method)
  • Sensor cartridge screw terminals: for wire of max 1.5mm2, cable screw fitting for cable of up to ⌀ 9mm

RAK Universal Thermostats are suitable for use in:

  • Heating Systems
  • Boilers Systems
  • Domestic Water Boilers
  • Ventilation Ducts
  • Industrial Baths 


Technical Data

Transport and Storage Temperature: -25 to +55°C 

Permissible Ambient Temperature (head): 0-50°C

As Clamp on Sensor (Water Temp): Max. 120°C

Degree of Protection: IP 40 (EN 60529)

Protection Class: I (IEC 60730)

DIN Register Module

Thermostat Module: TR 706 01

Thermostat Module: STB 1060 2000 

Not Classified in the PED: RAK 84.4 and 82.4

Classified in the PED 97/23/EG as per CAT IV: RAK 13.40


Max Contact Rating

Terminal 1-2 TW, TB: 10 (2.6) A 250V ~

Terminal 11-12 STB: 10 (6) A 250 V~

Terminal 1-4 TW: 4 (0.6) A 250 V~

Minimum Contact Rating: 500 mA 40V


Influence of Head Temperature

Depends on Type: 0.20-0.60 K/K

Weight: 0.22 Kg

Time Constant in Water

Without Pocket: <15 s

With LW 7 Pocket: < 45 s

Calibrated at TW, TB: 23 ± 2°C (Tu 23)

STB: 37 ± 2°C (Tu 37)

As A Temperature Controller-Monitor (TR, TM) With LW7 Pocket, Brass, 100mm As Per Din 3440
RAK 82.4/3728M 15-95 4 800 68 200
RAK 82.4/3754M 40-120 4 1600 68 200
RAK 82.4/3726M 50-130 4 800 68 200
RAK 82.4/3729M 80-160 4 1600 68 200



3 Products

Universal Thermostat 15-95°C

Excl. VAT: £164.38

Incl. VAT: £197.26

Universal Thermostat 50-130°C

Excl. VAT: £120.12

Incl. VAT: £144.14

Universal Thermostat 80-160°C

Excl. VAT: £329.21

Incl. VAT: £395.05

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