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BCV43 I Blowdown Valves

The Spirax Sarco BCV43i is an electro-hydraulically actuated control valve for the blowdown of steam boilers or for other high pressure drop, low flowrate applications.

It is generally used with a blowdown controller as part of an automatic TDS control system.

The flowrate is adjusted by limiting the spindle stroke to regulate the size of the orifice uncovered.

The valve, which is supplied adjusted to a flowrate setting of 10 mm stroke, is specially designed to minimise seat erosion and ensure consistent tight shut-off.

It can be adjusted to give different flowrates, by repositioning the internal cam. A valve position indicator is provided.

The valve can be opened manually by turning the actuator hand-wheel clockwise.

A ¼" plug at the base of the valve may be removed to allow a sample cooler to be fitted (available from Spirax Sarco).


Max Operating Pressure   32 bar g   (464 psi g)

Max Operating Temperature   239°C   (462°F)

Max Ambient Temperature   110°C   (230°F)

Min Ambient Temperature   0°C   (32°F)

Min Operating Temperature   0°   (32°F)

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