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Vane Operated Flow Switch

Operation is simple and dependable. In most applications, the switch is normally off while there is sufficient flow of liquid or air.

When flow stops, the vane spring moves the vane, actuating a single pole double throw switch rated 5A @ 120 / 250 VAC to start or stop motor, pump, engine, etc.

Operate a damper or valve; shut down a burner or actuate an alarm or signal, protecting unattended equipment from damage or loss of production.

Designed to provide an inexpensive, reliable unit to monitor the presence or absence of flow in a system.

The V10 flow switch is ised to monitor unattended equipment and protect it from costly damage. The V10 flow switch utilizes a rugged, hermetically sealed reed switch which is encapsulated in a polypropylene switch housing that fits into a standard heavy duty leak proof brass body or optional 303 SS body.

The switch adjustment allows the user to change the switch to Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC) in the field merely by loosening two screws.

The switch housing is located outside the process media, making switch change-over or maintenance easy without interruption of process flow.


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V8 Flow Switch Vane Operated

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V8 Flow Switch, Weatherproof Vane Operated

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