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Johnson F63 Air Flow & Float Controls

The F63 is a liquid level float switch for use in open or closed tanks where a desired liquid level has to be maintained and installations handling water, swimming pool water, sea water, brine, ethylene glycol or other liquids not harmful to the specified materials.

The switches have SPDT contacts and can be wired to close one circuit and open an second circuit when the liquid level rises above or falls below the required level.

The switch maintains the liquid level with (approx.) 13 mm.

There are three different types available. The phosphor bronze bellows version for use in applications where the liquid is not corrosive to phosphor bronze. The stainless steel bellows version for use in environments like cooling towers (water with high calcium content) and a complete stainless steel AISI 316L version. These float switches should not be used for liquids lighter than water (density less that 0.95 kg/dm3).



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