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LDK Pressure Switches


Connections :   Pressure - G1/4

Electrical -   Screw terminals, access through M20 orifice.

Mounting :   Optional bracket assembly part no. ACTU021391

Construction :   Zinc plated steel with nitrile rubber sensing element protection to IP54

Media :   Air, non-corrosive and non-combustible gasses

Temperature :   Media & Ambient -10°C-80°C

Electrial Rating :   50 - 250V A.C. 2A max.

                             30V D.C. 2A max

Weight :   0.67kg


  • Suitable for positive pressure applications:
  • Set point adjustable (under cover)
  • Zinc alloy body; nitrile rubber sensing element.
  • Electrical connection to screw terminal block.
  • Side of bottom pressure entries G1/4
  • Can be screw mounted; optional mounting bracket available.
  • Housing protected to IP54/
  • Optional explosion protected enclosure.
  • Manual reset option available
    • Type R1 open circuit on rising pressure.
    • Type R2 open circuit on falling pressure.
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