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Aluminium Polish

Briliant Polish


Briliant Aluminium Polish is a great aluminium polish that achieves amazing results. This polish enjoys a huge reputation for durability and a final shine to beat all corners, its easy to apply and covers a large area while removing all oxidisation and residue and can be applied by hand or by polishing mop.

Brilliant Aluminium Polish, polishes out scratches and delivers a long lasting shine on all aluminium parts including alloy wheels, alloy fuel tanks, rocker covers, engine casings, front forks, swing arms and a whole lot more.

This is an Advanced metal cleaner and polish for aluminium & stainless steel. This product cleans, polishes and protects all aluminium & stainless steel metal surfaces by leaving a layer of wax protection for an outstanding long lasting shine. This product is very economical really easy to use and a great asset for any metal polishing project.



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Truckers Salvation Polish 500ml

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