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Armaflex Pipe Insulation



Armaflex is a flexible closed cell, elastometric, nitrile rubber insulation. It is a highly efficient method of insulating both hot and cold water services, chilled water lines, heating systems, air conditioning duct work and refrigerated pipe work. Armaflex is sustainable solution for frost protection, energy conservation and condensation control.

  • Built in vapour barrier prevents condenstation
  • Reduce energy losses up to 87%
  • Easy and speedy installation with low maintenance, resulting in time and cost savings.


Material Foamed Nitrile Rubber  
Max. Surface Temp +105°C  
Max Temp. for Flat Surface +85°C  
Min. Surface Temp. -50°C  
Thermal conductivity at 0°C 0.034 C/W (m . k)

Test acc. to

EN ISO 8497

Thermal conductivity at +20°C 0.036 C/W (m . k)
Thermal conductivity at +40°C 0.038 C/W (m . k)

Water Vapour


Moisture Resistance Factor u 7000 BS EN ISO 9346:1996
2.79 . 10(-14)kg/(m s pa)
Water Absorption 0.2% by volume Test acc ASTM C 209
Surface Spread of Flames Class 1 Acc. BS 476 Part 7: 1997
Fire Propagation Total Index Performance (l) ≤ 12 Sub Index (l1) ≤ 6 Acc. BS 476 Part 6 1989

Fire Performance

According to Building Regulation

Class O

Test results for surface spread of flames & fire

Propagation meets Class O fire category for

Building Regulations 2000 (England & Wales)
Building Standards (Scotland) Regulations 1990 
Building Regulations 2000 (N.Ireland) 
Building Regulations 1997 (Republic of Ireland)
Reaction to fire  Self Extinguising, does not drip   
Noise Reduction  Sound absorption Coefficient ISO 354:2003 up to 0.8  Also for use in the prevention of sound passage. 
Resistance to  

Building Materials : Very Good

Ozone : Very Good 

Health Aspects Dust & Fibre Free   
Other Properties 

FM Approved

ODP Zero

GWP Zero

Tested in accordance with UL94 


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