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Oil Tank Sight Glasses

  • Customised Dial
  • Complete with Balance Chamber
  • Batteries Fitted
  • Can be fitted up to 200m from Tank
  • Battery Operated Liquid Level Gauge
  • Model 28PUE
  • 160mm Dial
  • Easy Installation
  • Battery Life : minimum 700 cycles (e.g. - once a day for 2 years)


The Model 28PUE gauge uses the hydrostatic principle of proven reliability and simplicity. With press to read electric pump using 4 AA batteries this method required minimum installation time and gives important advantages in the safe measurements of volatile liquids.

The electric pump charges the system with air pressure. The liquid is displaced from the balance chamber aat the bottom of the tank. While excess air escapes via the tanks vent, the resulting pressure in the balance chamber is indicated and is proportionate to the head of liquid in the tank.

The gauge unit can be mounted at any position and may be disconnected at any time without upsetting the calibration. Maintenance is not normally required, except battery replacement as there are no moving parts external to the unit.


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28PUE Battery Operated Tank Contents Gauge

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Incl. VAT: £506.65

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