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Hydroforce Tank Contents Gauge

The 28PU gauge uses the hydrostatic principle of proven reliability and simplicity.

Requiring no power supply this method requires minimum installation time and gives important avantages in the safe measurement of volatile liquids. By operating the small hand pump fixed at the bottom of the gauge it charges the system with air under pressure. The liquid is displaced from the balance chamber at the bottom of the tank, while excess air escaped via the tanks vent. The resulting pressure in the balance chamber is indicated by the gauge and is proportionate to the head of liquid in the tank.

The gauge can be mounted at any position and may be disconnected at any time without upsetting the calibration.

Maintenance is not normally required as there are no moving parts external to the gauge.


Each gauge is individually calibrated and scaled to customer requirements for Rectangular, Cylindrical (Horizontal or Vertical) tanks in litre, gallon, kg, tonne etc.


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28PU Hydrostatic Tank Contents Gauge

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Incl. VAT: £474.30

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