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SP32-01-20 Oil Lifter (High Flow)


Suction pump system with an electromagnetic piston pump, float-control and safety device, with built in section filter, check valve, 1.6 Litre Oil storage tank. LCD display with permanent function control feedback, built in safety oil pan with seperate detection, thermical safety detection. Pipe connection : ID 8mm, completely wired with earthing contact type plug.


Ecological system used for fan burner up to 80Kw at 7m suction height and for oil/tiled ovens. Foreseen for one line systems.


  • Operating cycle with 100% security
  • Operating cycle and eventually disturbed described on the LCD display
  • Safety oil pan with seperate detection
  • Protection against a dry run
  • Pump will stop if oil tank is empty, if the pipes are damaged and if the ambient temperature is too high

Technical Data

Dimensions :   250 x 217 x 168mm

Weight :   2000g

Power :   40 VA

Voltage :   230V / 50Hz

Reservoir :   1.6 litres

Max Pull :   40 meters

Max Lift :   7 meters

Max Flow :   20 litres h/r (High Flow)

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