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Tiger Loop Oil De-Aerator

Tiger Loop is a highly unique product for the safest possible flow of oil between the oil tank and the oil burner.

Incorporating the advantages of the two pipe system in only one oil line. Thousands of technicians have already installed Tigerloop Oil Deaerators for cheaper, environmentally safe a reliable oil burners as used on boilers, air heater and portable hot water/steam cleaners.


  • Fewer Breakdowns
  • Less Soot Build-Up
  • Cleaner Exhaust gases
  • Lower oil consumption
  • Pre-Heated Oil
  • Easier trouble shooting
  • Simpler and cheaper installations
  • Smaller Pipe Dimensions
  • More Burners on one suction line
  • Fewer problems with suction leakage and long oil lines
  • No return line leakage
  • Suction lift systems - eliminates 2 pipe systems

Technical Data

Max Nozzle Capacity :   80kg/h (20 lmp gph)

Pressure Test of pipe system :   Max 6 Bar (85 psi)

Max Return oil pumped into the Tigerloop:   100kg/h (25 lmp gph)

Max. operating temperature :   50°C (122°F) at min of output burner

Max. ambient temperature :   50°C (122°F)

Max Oil Flow :   180kg/h (45 lmp gph)

Pump Connections :   1/4" Female

Max Operating pressure in feed line :   0.7 Bar (10 psi)

Tank Connection :   1/4" Female


3 Products

Spare Filter for Tigerloop Combi

Excl. VAT: £8.01

Incl. VAT: £9.61

Tiger Loop - T110

Excl. VAT: £69.27

Incl. VAT: £83.12

Tigerloop Combi De-Aerator With Filter

Excl. VAT: £118.36

Incl. VAT: £142.03

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