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DL319 Compact Digital Multimeter

  • This pocket sized digital multimeter is ideal for day to day electrical test applications.
  • With max/min/record and bar graph display.
  • Auto or manual ranging 750V AC/DC, resistance, continuity and data hold.

Product Features

  • True RMS
  • 800 Amps AC & DC 600 Volts
  • AC & DC Resistance to 4 kilohms Continuity
  • Data hold Frequency to 10 kilohertz
  • Auto or manual ranging
  • Soft mode smooths amp, frequency or voltage readings
  • Crest mode displays 1/2 wave peak to calculate crest factor
  • MIN/MAX record
  • 2-1/16" jaw capacity
  • CE and UL listed CAT II

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Kane DL319 Compact Digital Multimeter

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Incl. VAT: £114.00

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