Kane Flue Gas Analyser

Flue Gas Analysers

Kane Pressure Meter Range

Pressure Meters

Kane Temperature Meter Range

Temperature Meters

Kane Multimeter Tester Range


Kane Gas Leak Detectors / Kane Gas Leak Meter

Gas Leak Detectors

Kane CO Meter /
 Kane Carbon Monoxide Meter

CO Meters

Kane CO2 Meter Range & Kane Flow Meter Range

CO2 & Flow Meters

Kane Probe Range


Kane Combustion Probe Range

Combustion Probes

Kane Shaft Range


Kane Leads & Chargers

Leads & Chargers

Kane Sensors & Filters

Sensors & Filters

Kane Printer & Paper Rolls

Printers & Paper Rolls

Kane International are on the cutting edge of hand held exhaust emission testers and portable test equipment. Industrial Boilerhouse Supplies Ltd are pleased to be able to provide Kane's core range of high quality products from the Flue Gas Analyser, Pressure Meter, Temperature Meter Range and Multimeter Tester.

Kane's products also provide traceability to national standards.