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Tube Guard XL Corrosion Inhibitor

Goodway TUBEGUARD-XL the revolutionary corrosion inhibitor : Package of four tube cleaning tablets (for average sized chiller cleanings). For use with the RAM-PRO-XL

A custom formulated tablet design is the best available technology for corrosion inhibition of copper and ferrous metal tubes. The TubeGuard-XL tablet is safe to handle, completely biodegradable and designed with environmentally friendly chemicals. Specifically designed to work with the all new RAM-PRO-XL, this revolutionary tube cleaning process will forever change.

The ease and effectiveness of both eliminating bio-film and preventing corrosion. No measuring or dosing of chemicals is required. The TubeGuard-XL tablet simply dissolves in the RAM-PRO-XL’s on-board reservoir during tube cleaning; flushing the tubes in FDA certified bio-film removal compounds.

1. Clean

  • Variable shaft speed
  • Reversible shaft rotation
  • Simultaneous flush of TubeGuard-XL chemical

2. Disinfect

  • TubeGuard-XL tablet eliminates biofilm

3. Protect

  • TubeGuard-XL tablet prevents corrosion



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Tube Cleaning Tablets (Pack of 4)

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