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SootVac JR Soot Recovery Vacuum Cleaner

Goodway Sootvac Jr Powerful Soot Recovery vacuum removes all soot and fine powder while being portable. With a collapsible hose, washable filter and Dolly it's an ideal accompanyment to the Goodway SAM Jr. Firetube Boiler Cleaning System.

Mounted on a sturdy dolly and weighing only 20 pounds, lifting and portability is a breeze.

Handling fine soot dust is no problem with a washable high efficiency cartridge filter protected by a 10 micron filter bag, ensuring soot stays in the collection tank.

Designed for gas fired or light deposits an inner plastic bag makes collection, sealing and disposal simple. Includes accessories make the SootVac-JR a perfect solution for clean up around the boiler room.

  • Features
  • 8' collapsible hose
  • Disposable plastic collection bag
  • 10 micron filter protector
  • Washable high efficiency 0.3 micron cartridge filter
  • Stainless steel tank and carry handle
  • Dolly


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