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Speed Feed RAM Tube Cleaner

With patented technology and over 10 years of proven performance, it’s no wonder why the RAM-5 (Now with variable speed control) is the chiller tube cleaning machine of choice among contractors and facility managers with large tube bundles. The revolutionary Speed Feed gun combined with Goodway Blue Nylon Brushes will clean tubes up to four times faster than any other rotary tube cleaner. Minimal training time is required. As the cleaning tool loosens debris, the shaft casing provides a steady stream of water, flushing out debris and restoring system efficiency. While the Speed Feed gun lets you control the direction of shaft rotation as well as the flow of water, the variable speed function allows you to control both the brush rpm and the feed rate.

  • Specifications
  • Flexible Shaft Speed : Up to 862.5 rpm
  • Speed-Feed Gun Rate : Up to 3' (0.9m) per second
  • Speed-Feed Gun Push/Pull Force : 50lbs (222 N)
  • Motor Power : 1 HP (0.6Kw)
  • Input Power : Standard : 12 amps, 115V, 60Hz AC
    (Optional 12 amps, 115V, 50 Hz, 6 amps, 230V, 60Hz; or 6 amps, 230V, 50Hz)
  • Dimensions : 37" high x 20" wide x 17" deep (Excluding gun and hose)
  • Weight : 75lbs (34kg) net dry
Speed Feed Ram Tube Cleaner



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RAM 5 Rotary Tube Cleaner 110v 50 Hz C/W Trolley

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