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Portable RAM Tube Cleaner

If you’re looking for all the benefits of Goodway’s proven rotary technology in a highly mobile, durable package, then the IRAM Portable Tube Cleaner is the perfect choice for you. It’s also a great value as an entry-level tube cleaner. The IRAM accepts a variety of cleaning tools and brushes. It also utilizes the same flexible shaft and waterflow technology as our other premium tube cleaners. As the cleaning tool loosens performance-robbing deposits, the shaft casing provides a steady flow of water to flush out debris and restore optimal system performance. For advanced tube-cleaning technology no matter where your work takes you, the IRAM is the ideal solution.

Portable RAM Tube Cleaner



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IRAM-EX-100 Rotary Tube Cleaner 230v 50 Hz

Excl. VAT: £1,691.15

Incl. VAT: £2,029.38

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