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Bi-Directional Coiled Brushes

Bi-Directional Coiled Brush

Goodway Bi-Directional Coiled Tube Brushes can be shot from either end. They are colour coded for easy identification and feature durable nylon bristles set in a coil, wrapped around a wear resistant 75mm polymer core. The design allows the brushes to be quickly inserted into tubes, with out regard to direction, and helps maximise the cleaning effectiveness and the life of the bristles. They are ideal for removing soft to medium deposits from condenser and component heat exchanger tubes.

  • Features
  • Bi-directional for easy loading
  • 75mm long for longer cleaning surface
  • piston design for maximum speed
  • Colour coded for easy identification
  • Reusable
Piston ColourTube O.D.Gauge Tube I.D.
White 22.2mm 18 19.74mm
Red 22.2mm 20 20.45mm
Blue 22.2mm 22 20.80mm
Yellow 25.4mm 16 22.10mm
White 25.4mm 18 22.91mm
Red 25.4mm 20 23.62mm
Blue 25.4mm 22 23.98mm
Yellow 29mm 16 25.27mm
White 29mm 18 26.09mm
Red 29mm 20 26.80mm
Blue 29mm 22 27.15mm
Yellow 32mm 16 28.45mm
White 32mm 18 29.26mm
Red 32mm 20 29.97mm
Blue 32mm 22 30.33mm
Yellow 35mm 16 31.62mm
White 35mm 18 32.44mm
Red 35mm 20 33.15mm
Blue 35mm 22 33.50mm
Yellow 38mm 16 34.80mm
White 38mm 18 35.61mm
Red 38mm 20 36.62mm
Blue 38mm 22 36.68mm


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