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Air Powered Tube Cleaning Drill

PSM-500 in use

The PSM-500 Tube Cleaner is designed for quick, efficient cleaning of straight small diameter tubes. It is ideal for the maintenance of heat exchangers, oil coolers, condensers, etc. Compact and easy to use, this powerful unit will effortlessly clean tubes 3/16”-1” (4.8-25.4mm) I.D. plugged solidly with most types of deposits. The air operated PSM- 500 uses a hollow drill. The unit feeds water through the drill to the cutting head, flushing out deposits as they are loosened. Hollow shafts are used with brushes or buffing tools for lighter deposits.


  • Simple to operate - minimal training required
  • Independent air motor and water flow controls - reduces water consumption
  • Push button triggers - reduces fatigue
  • Rugged construction - long life
  • Compact - easy handling


  • Motor Power : Up to 2-3 HP depending on air pressure and volume
  • Drill Speed : 950 RPM (Free speed)
  • Air Requirements (Min) : 50 PSI at 10.6 CFM
  • Air Requirements (Max) : 90 PSI at 19 CFM
  • Water Requirements (Min) : 30 PSI
  • Water Requirements (Max) : 100 PSI
  • Hoses : 15' air hose and 15' water hose
  • Dimensions : 11" Long
  • Weight : 5lbs net dry

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Tube Cleaning Drill Air Driven

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