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Bigshot Surface Condenser Tube Cleaner

Big Shot

  • Features
  • Rugged construction - long life
  • Up to 400 PSI at 35 GPM (28 BAR at 132 LPM) - maximum cleaning power
  • Simple to operate - minimal training required
  • Comfort grip gun - reduces fatigue
  • Two gun pump - allows for two operators

The Goodway BFP-3510 Big Shot is the ultimate surface condenser tube cleaning system. The unit comes fully equipped with a 10 HP (7.5 kW) motor, a triplex plunger two gun pump, Goodyear T water inlet and outlet hoses, and gun all on a heavy-duty, custom fabricated cart. When the trigger is squeezed, pressurized water propels a Super Scrubber, Coil Tube Brush or other projectile through a tube 5/8"-1" (15.9- 31.8mm) O.D. When used in conjunction with Goodway's Super Scrubbers, the BFP-3510 is capable of removing even the toughest scale. It is the power plant professionals system of choice for hard deposits!

The BFP-3510 uses pressurized water to shoot Super Scrubbers or Coil Tube Brushes, as well as other projectiles through a tube. The operator simply inserts a projectile into a tube and shoots. As the projectile is propelled forward, it forces out deposits, leaving the tube thoroughly cleaned.

Big Shot Detail

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