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Crimping Tools for Flexible Shaft Repair

A range of Goodway Crimping Tools for Flexible Shaft Repair we offer a selection of a Shaft Cutting & Crimping Press, Crimping Dies as well as a high quality Crimping Block

Shaft Cutting & Crimping Press
The Goodway Shaft Cutting and Crimping Press is specifically designed for use with Goodway Flexible Shafts. This unique tool will allow the user to quickly cut and crimp a new coupling on either end of the shaft without the use of any other tools.

Crimping Dies
Dies for Flexible Shafts (Specify Shaft)

Crimping Block
Goodway's Crimping Block provides the user with quick, convenient methods for performing repairs of flexible shafts in the field. Used properly, each will permanently attach repaired couplings, extending the life of the flexible shaft while reducing downtime when a repair is needed.


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Crimping Tool With Punch

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