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CoilVac Dolly Mount Kit

The Goodway CoilVac Dolly Mounting Kit allows you to attach a CoilVac to either a CC-140 or CC-600 to a CoilPro Coil Cleaner to create a complete coil cleaning system. The kit's brackets and accessory bin attach to the CoilPro’s dolly with no modifications needed. All fastening hardware is included, just bolt on the two support brackets and the accessory bin. The CoilVac can be used while mounted to the dolly, and the bin holds all the tools and extra collection bags you may need in a compact and efficient package.

CoilVac Dolly Mounting Kit to attach the CoilVac to a CC-140 or CC-600 CoilPro Coil Cleaner

Please Note : The CoilPro and CoilVac pictured are for demonstration purposes and are sold separately

Coilvac Dolly Mount Kit

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