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Chemico Seating & Grinding Paste

A Specifically and critically manufactured silicon carbide and lithium grease based grinding compound

Chemico Seating & Grinding Paste contains both a 42g Coarse Grade & 28g Fine Grade

Comprised of a lithium grease base this high-viscosity, high-temperature lubricant provides inherent shear stability, this is the lubricant remains in place during the grinding operation for the most efficient grinding together with inherent corrosion protection and sealing properties,

Silicon Carbide is one of the hardest abrasives known and the particles contained within it are especially sharp. They're also brittle and will break up into smaller particles with the same degree of sharpness which will continue to work efficiently for grinding, lapping and sealing valves.

Directions for use of Chemico Valve Grinding Paste

Always consult manufacturer’s handbook/manual for instructions and follow these carefully.

  • Otherwise for seating valves:
  • Apply a small amount of paste to valve seat
  • Avoid contact of the grinding paste with the valve stem and guide
  • Grind the valve in the normal manner until a uniform seat of the desired appearance is obtained
  • If the seat is badly pitted, first use a coarser grade paste then trim with the fine grade
  • When a satisfactory seat has been obtained, clean off well and degrease with a suitable solvent such as paraffin before valve reassembly



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Seating Grinding Paste Contains Coarse 42g / Fine 28g Grade

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