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Heldite Jointing Compound

The Universal Sealant for the Aircraft, Automotive, Automechanical, Electrical and General Engineering, Plumbing, Heating and Pipeline Service Industries.

Heldite Jointing Compound is a high performance sealant for preventing leakage of Diesel, Lubricating & Transmission Oils and Coolants, Domestic Heating Oils, Paraffin, Water (Including Sea Water) Steam and Gases, Resistant to Pressure and Temperature Variations.

Heldite has no effect on metals, rubber or other materials with which it is in contact.

Heldite contains no abrasive material and will not damage highly machined joint faces or such components as aluminium cylinder heads.

Heldite is manufactured to commercial specification 68-145/I

Product Information

Flexibility & Adhesion
The thermal, plastic and adhesive properties in Heldite makes it unique in its formulation.

The Plasticity combats the effects of temperature and pressure changes, shifting levels and stresses associated with the assembly of dissimilar metals such as aluminium housings bolted to cast blocks.

Water Resistance
Heldite is formulated to be totally waterproof (including sea water) and can be safely used for protecting devices such as electrical boxes and instruments that can become damaged by a prolonged exposure to a damp atmosphere.

Anti-Corrosive & Inert
The properties of Heldite Jointing Compound makes it ideal for use on metals, rubber or similar materials because it doesn't react with them (or any others). It also inhibits stud corrosion and offers protection against a wide variety of chemicals.

Heldite Jointing Compound contains no abrasive material and will not damage or scuff joint faces or components such as aluminium cylinder heads.

Commercial Specification
Heldite Jointing Compound is manufactured to commercial specification 68-145/I


  • Suitable for use with pipes that contain or transport...
  • Petrol
  • Diesel
  • Bio Diesel
  • Lubricating Oil
  • Transmission Oil
  • Coolant
  • Kerosene
  • Paraffin
  • Water
  • Sea Water
  • Steam
  • Gas
AdhesionHigh factor, for adhesion to metallic surfaces
AppearanceBrown viscous liquid, free from lumps and abrasive material
Chemical CharacteristicInert and non-abrasive
Resistance to Acids18% Hydrochloric, 5% Sulphuric
Commercial Specification68-145/I (Same as MOD Spec DEF 68-145/I)
Specific Gravity0.9653 @ 20 Celcius



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Heldite Jointing Compound 500ml

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