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Duomo GS100M & GS300M Gas Detector

  • Measuring range 0-20% L.E.L./0-300ppm
  • IP44 Protective rating
  • EN50194 for explosive gases
  • EN50291 for toxic gases
  • 3 Year Guarantee
  • Microprocessor control
  • Wall or panel mounted
  • GS100M : 1 Zone Protection
  • GS300M : 3 Zone Protection
  • 4-20mA Signal Input


Duomo is recognised within the gas industry for providing a comprehensive range of low cost, high reliability gas detection for many applications. We have installed and commissioned natural gas and carbon monoxide sensors in applications such as boiler rooms, kitchens, car parks, aircraft hangers, factories and shopping centres the GS100M and GS300M are the command centre for the complete range of Duomo gas sensors. All Duomo products are manufactured to meet relevant European Normatives and proposals for explosive and toxic gases.


When the remote sensor detects the presence of the target gas a 4–20mA signal is sent to the detector, proportional to the level of gas. The GS100M and GS300M then operates a pre-alarm relay - used for remote sirens or visual indicators. If the level of gas continues to rise then the second pre-alarm is actuated. In the case of explosive gases, when the level of gas reaches 20% L.E.L. the main alarm relay is activated to break the electrical supply to the gas safety shut-off valve (SSOV). The GS100M and GS300M also have a seperate volt-free sensor fault relay that actuates if the correct return signal is not sensed by the detector. The GS100M can be configured to detect explosive or toxic gases.

The GS100M and GS300M are wall or panel mounted microprocessor based gas detector control units. They can be configured to meet customer requirements. The following parameters can be changed using on board DIP switches:

GS100M Features

  • Sensor on/off
  • Type of gas to be sensed (explosive or toxic)
  • instrinsically safe option (on or off)
  • Main alarm relay action (latching or auto-reset)

GS300M Features

  • Numbers of sensors from 1 to 3
  • Type of gas to be sensed (explosive or toxic)
  • Intrinsically safe option (on or off)


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