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Multical 402

  • Up to 16 years' battery lifetime
  • Set/reset function
  • Pulse outputs for energy and volume
  • Pulse inputs for up to two water meters
  • Wireless reading via Wireless M-Bus or radio

Multical 402




MULTICAL® 402 is the compact ultrasonic meter which registers the exact consumption due to its supreme measuring accuracy. The meter is maintenance-free and has a long lifetime which guarantees minimum yearly operating costs.

MULTICAL® 402 is used for heat, cooling and combined heat /cooling measurement in all water-based systems with temperatures from 2 to 160 °C. The meter has been developed for measurement of energy consumption in family and multiple occupancy housing, housing associations, blocks of flats and small industry.


MULTICAL® 402 consists of calculator, flow sensor and two temperature sensors and is simple to install, read and verify. Our flow sensor range for MULTICAL® 402 is fitted with a connector for the supply and thus, it is easy to change battery or mains supply.

By means of the calculator's two front keys it is easy to adjust date and time or reset operating hour counter and info-event counter. Furthermore, the keys can be used to display log data, incl. yearly or monthly logger.

MULTICAL® 402 receives pulses from up to two connected hot or cold water meters and carries out remote accumulation of energy and volume via pulse outputs. If you change from pulse input to pulse output, the meter is automatically configured for pulse inputs and pulse outputs respectively - without manual reconfiguration.

Wireless reading

The meter is remotely read via Wireless M-Bus or radio modules. Consumption data is read, saved and transferred by means of the USB Meter Reader. Furthermore, radio can be ready by means of a hand-held terminal or form part of a Kamstrup radio network. The transferred data is used for individual billing, consumption analysis and/or energy optimisation.


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