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Robokit Extra Sealed System & Brackets - Nitrogen Filled

The Benefits of Nitrogen filled vessels

Expansion Vessels

Nitrogen, a dry inert gas used in the Reflex range of expansion vessels, improves the vessel's life span by reducing corrosion inside the vessel, and prevents loss of pre-charge pressure. Nitrogen permeates through rubber slower that oxygen and is far less reactive to both steel and aluminium creating fewer debris inside the vessel. Nitrogen does not degrade rubber prolonging the membrane life.

Oxygen in compressed air permeates through the membrane, thus reducing the pre-charge pressure over time. During normal operation, oxygen oxides the membrance in the vessel, causing under inflation pressure and will not corrode the inside of the vessel.

It's recognised in the industry that oxidative ageing is one of the primary causes of decreased vessel life. Tests have shown that if vessels are inflated with Nitrogen, there is a significant reduction in failure and increased vessel life.

Robokit Extra

The Robokit Extra is a sealed system kit which comprises of

  • Gauge Mounting Bracket to suit up to a 25L capacity
  • Manifold Fitting
  • Expansion Vessel
  • Filling Loop
  • Safety Relief Valve complete with Gauge

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