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UB Series

The pressure limiter UB…A4 are adjustable pressure switches as per EN 1854 for automatic burner controls. They are suitable for switching a circuit on, off or over on changes in actual pressure value relative to the set reference value. The reference value (switching point) is adjusted on a setting wheel provided with a scale. Test nipple integrated in metal housing as standard.

Pressure monitoring in firing, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Suitable for gases of families 1,2,3 and other neutral gaseous media.

EC type testing certificate as per:

  • EC-Gas Appliances Regulation
  • EC-Pressure Equipment Directive
  • Approvals in other important gasconsuming countries. Special designs for the North American market with UL , FM and CSA registrations.



    3 Products

    UB150A4 30 -150 mbar Pressure Switch With Reset

    Excl. VAT: £72.76

    Incl. VAT: £87.31

    UB500A4 50 -500 mbar Pressure Switch with Reset

    Excl. VAT: £89.03

    Incl. VAT: £106.84

    UB50A4 5 mbar - 50 mBar Pressure Switch with Reset

    Excl. VAT: £71.08

    Incl. VAT: £85.30

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