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Dosing Pumps

A range of Dosing Pumps with such features as being mechanically or hydraulically actuated, electronically controlled, motor driven. Types Available LMI, G, Maxroy and MROY Pumps

LMI Pump


Mechanically Actuated & Electronically Controlled Pump 

  • Proportional Dosing
  • Liquid ends for high viscosity (HV)
  • Compact, Light, economical
  • Multiprogrammable models
  • Pump with separately adjustable stroke rate and length
  • Function control by microprocessor

 LMI Bar

G Pump


Mechanically Actuated & Motor Driven Pump

  • Proportionality control 'G Pulse'
  • High technology plastic components
  • 3 Patents pending.
  • Stroke adjustment by variable eccentric (GA and GB)
  • Low Pulsations (without hydraulic shocks)
  • Few mechanically moving components : durability

G Pump Bar


Maxroy Pump


Hydraulically Actuated diaphragm Pump

  • 2 international patents
  • Long life diaphragms : 20,000h and more
  • Conforms to API 675 Standard
  • Low pressure industrial pump
  • Single or double hydraulically actuated diaphragm
  • Optional automatic control (stroke length/speed)

Maxroy Bar

MRoy Pump


Hydraulically Actuated Diaphragm Pump

  • Conforms to API 675 Standard
  • High pressure Industrial pump
  • Single or double hydraulically actuated diaphragm

MRoy Bar


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