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Scalebreaker LS3 boiler cleaning liquid is formulated to react with and dissolve the corrosion-type deposits found when boilers are fired on sulphur-containing fuels. These deposits (light in colour and very hard) are often bonded to the metal itself, requiring heavy brushing or scraping to remove.

Scalebreaker LS3 reacts with deposits immediately, destroying their structure and adhesion. The evolution of harmless gases breaks down and separates deposits from the bare metal so that they may be easily removed with a “wet” vacuum cleaner. It's ideal for end of season boiler cleaning.


2 Products

Scalebreaker LS3 1 Litre Trigger Spray

Excl. VAT: £7.27

Incl. VAT: £8.72

Scalebreaker LS3 5 Litre Refill

Excl. VAT: £18.31

Incl. VAT: £21.97

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