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Lowara DOC Submersible Electrical Pumps

HEAder Lowara

Lowara DOC 3 & DOC 7 Submersible Electrical Pumps are a versatile, corrosion-resistant, submersible, electric pump designed to be used in dirty and unclean water. Ideal for removing flood water or areas prone to flooding.

Different versions are available with 0.3 to 0.7kW motor powers and in Tube Switch and Float Switch types (DOC7/A is Float Switch only).


  • Emergency draining of flooded basements and Boilerhouses
  • Transfer of water from tanks, cisterns and swimming pools.
  • Emptying residential sump pits, rainwater tanks or laundry drainage.
  • Garden and Lawn irrigation, with suction from rainwater tanks.


  • Maximum draining of flooded basements, and Boilerhouses
  • Class B insulation
  • Single Phase
  • Input Power : 240V  50Hz
  • All Pump Types
  • Maximum liquid temperature 40°C with partially submerged pump.
  • Dry Motor

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