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Steam Boiler Spiral Tube Retarders

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Introduced into Steam Boiler Tubes for retarding or slowing the progress of the combustion gases through the tube allowing greater absorbtion of heat units due to increased time contact of the hot gases with the walls of the tube.

Higher Efficiency

Retarders are often fitted in fire tubes for steam and/or heating boilers. By fitting retarders, the turbulence of the flue gases increases and better heat transfer is achieved between flue gases and the tube wall. This increases the efficiency of the boiler.

Increased Output

Retarders can be used to improve the output of existing boilers. In existing boiler systems, an output improvement of 2 to 3% can be achieved.

The Boiler Tube Retarders are made bespoke to your requirements. Sprial Tube Retarders can also be retro-fitted into existing tubes to slow down heat transfer.

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