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PIB Rubber Sheeting

  • Will not harden
  • Will not crack or Peel
  • Virtually non-ageing
  • Ozone resistant
  • UV Resistant

 PIB is a weatherproofing material for insulated ductwork and pipework. It is produced from high molecular weight polyisobutylene, modified to achieve optimum properties.

Tests carried out after 20 years have shown no significant alteration to the properties of the material, consequently no maintenance is required. We do recommend periodic inspection of large ductwork installations to repair damage if necessary.

Technical Specifications

Specific Gravity   1.6

Tensile Strength   2.5Nmm-2

Elongaton   300%

Temperature Range   -34°C to +72°C

Vapour Permeability   5g/0.001in/m2/day at 38°C

                                   and 90% RH (0.1g/m2/24hrs)


  • Approved by the department of Environment PSA standard specification (M&E) No.3
  • Plysolene PIB does not conduct electricity
  • Meets Class 2 Spread of Flame BSS 467 Part 7: 1971
  • Fumes given off when burning are not considered toxic.

 Plysolene PIB self amalgamates under pressure hence rolls are supplied either chalked or paper interleaved to prevent self amalgamation occuring prematurely.

PIB detail

A range of thicknesses from 0.5mm to 0.8mm are available to cover all applications from small pipes to large ductwork sections. The standard colour is black which has outstanding weather resisting properties.


1 Product

PIB Plysolene Chalked Sheeting 0.8mm Thick x 1M Wide x 15M

Excl. VAT: £197.52

Incl. VAT: £237.02

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