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Waterproof PIB Sheeting

IBHS Ltd are pleased to be able to offer PIB weatherproofing material for insulated ductwork and pipework as well as the sheeting welding agent to suit.

Plysolene PIB is a weatherproofing material for insulation ductwork and pipework. It is produced from high molecular weight polyisobutylene, modified to achieve optimum properties. It will not harden, crack or peel. It is virtually non-ageing and is resistant to both ozone and UV.

The sheeting is easily applied over insulation.

The seams, overlaps and endlaps are solvent welded using a stiff brush with Plysolene Welding Agent E.


2 Products

PIB Plysolene Chalked Sheeting 0.8mm Thick x 1M Wide x 15M

Excl. VAT: £197.52

Incl. VAT: £237.02

PIB Plysolene Sheeting Welding Agent 5 LTR

Excl. VAT: £79.36

Incl. VAT: £95.23

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