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45UV5-1007 Photocell
45UV5-1007 Photocell 45UV5-1007 Photocell

45UV5-1007 Photocell

45UV5-1007 Photocell
Product Code FIR-45UV5-1007

45UV5-1007 Photocell is a self checking ultraviolet scanner for use in applications where there is continuous firing going on yet recycling is infrequent or does not occur.

This flame scanner checks the electronics and UV tube for the correct operation at intervals of every 4 seconds during the firing period.

Suitable for fuel gases and oil and features a replaceable UV Tube and (4-314-1) shutter mechanism (61-2914). Mounting 1" NPT or BSP pipe thread with 8ft (2.4m). This unit requites installing with metal shielding over the scanner leads.

  • Features
  • UV Tube
  • 1" BSP Mounting Flange
  • 102VAC to 264VAC
  • Optical range 190 – 270 nm – Solar blind
  • For clean gaseous and oil fuels
  • Limited discrimination capabilities - for single burner applications
  • Self checking with electromagnetical shutter allows continuous operation
  • Used with Fireye controls FlameMonitor, Flameworx, BurnerLogix, D-Series
  • Powered by control
  • Wide temperature range -40 to +93°C
  • Explosion proof housing available ATEX Ex d IIC T6

Product Code: FIR-45UV5-1007

Excl. VAT: £1,586.89

Incl. VAT: £1,904.27

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